Why it’s Better to Hire an SEO Agency than Have an In-House SEO Team

There are generally two options to consider if you are planning to integrate SEO in your online marketing campaign. First is to have an in-house SEO team, and second, is to hire an SEO agency.

SEO agency

But there’s always been one big question concerning these options. Which is truly the right choice for your business? The most practical answer always ends with choosing based on your needs and budget, which could be either of the two.

But if it is to be based on experience, expertise and resources alone, the best answer would be to choose a professional SEO agency.


Resources Translate to a Ready Pool of Links
SEO is comprised of a set of independent needs. Nonetheless, it remains mainly about links.

Search engines have always assessed what’s contained on a site and just how significant it is through the quantity, quality and topic that relates to the external links from other sites.

This then emphasizes that one difference SEO companies have over simply having an in-house team.

These companies have the essential strategic resources, like contacts, that enable them to provide social signals and natural links.

SEO agenyThe best part is these natural links are from influential and genuine websites and people from various niches.

Scalability Means a Cost-Effective SEO Campaign for Businesses
To leverage on full-scale campaign requires being equipped with various tools and expertise.

Equipping an in-house team would entail spending so much that even frequent use of such won’t be considered as a cost-effective move. But it does so after a long time. And only if the level of expertise the team has comes close or reaches the same level as what SEO companies are equipped with.

Then There’s the Experience

Experience in this case does not only involve the years spent serving in the industry. It is more about the experience obtained by working on several campaigns from different industries and niches over the years.

The knowledge that experts on a search engine optimization agency have is also vital for it is likely that they’ve handled campaigns for one of your competitors.

Deeper knowledge about the client’s market creates a much effective and specialized campaign.

Equipped with all Related SEO Skills

There is an advantage if each member of an in-house team has one or more related SEO skills. Even then, it would take time to build a team that can equal an agency’s level of expertise.

But with a professional SEO agency, such set of skills is never a problem for that’s what its team is armed with.

Cost of Hiring an Agency over Employing an In-House SEO Team

The cost factor here talks about two things.

  • First is the total cost a client company will need to spend for employing an entire in-house team over hiring an agency that has an experienced SEO Head.
  • Second is the flexibility and convenience of reducing budget allotted for payment for the agency over dismissing one’s staff.

SEOHaving said the reasons why it is better to hire a search engine optimization agency, you would now want to know how to find the right company. Below you will learn how to identify those agencies that are best avoided.

• Guaranteed Top Ranking – SEO campaigns can bring you to the top rank. But any agency or individual cannot guarantee this as stated in the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Therefore, it is best to move forward if you find an agency that claims to guarantees this.

• Instant Results – One thing to remember on SEO is it is a process, one which cannot deliver instant results. To get instant results would mean having something compromised along the way, making it unreliable in the end.
Search engine optimization is a process and discipline that is highly specialized. As such, it is only appropriate to hire a genuine SEO agency.

The knowledge, skill and expertise an agency’s team has are what helps create an effective campaign that gives your brand an edge as it competes online.

Beginners, Know How to Perfect Your Link Building Strategy

A lot of factors contribute to a page’s ranking on search engines, and one of which is the links to a particular webpage. Websites with a high number of quality links are those that often rank well in search engines. As a beginner, it is your main goal to get a high rank in search engines as well.

Here you’ll find what you need in creating a link building strategy that will soon establish your online visibility in the most effective way.

Start by Asking Yourself with the Right Questions

SEOFor your site to rank well through off-site SEO efforts, you need to know the right questions to ask. When building links, it is not about finding the right places to put the links in. It is about answering what your target audience is looking for. Simply put, it’s the type of content they find useful. These questions may be more difficult to answer than finding the right place for your links. But what matters is, by finding answers to these questions, the more you can create a concrete plan for your strategy.

Once you determine the answers to these questions, you need to start creating the bait. The purpose of this is to post click-worthy links which you can only achieve by creating content with similar value as any link worthy posts found on the web. The key: create interesting and valuable content your target will appreciate.

Done? Then start marketing your content by reaching out to site owners, bloggers, and key influencers. Ask them to share your content with their audience in a subtle manner.

Build Links the Natural Way

To achieve this, it is vital to avoid creating low-quality links and keep away from spamming practices. Instead, focus on generating the right kind of links for your website. By definition, the right type of links are those that drive valuable traffic to your site and tell search engines that it is an authority.

Generating perfect links help establish a site as authoritative, which is essential in earning target audience’s trust and creating good user experience. Both of these are important in generating natural links and getting a high search engine ranking.

So, what do you need to do to build links organically?

Know Your Target Audiences’ Needs, Likes, and Desires

Content with value are those that cater to the target audiences’ needs, likes and desires, and Google values and rewards websites providing such content. So, if you want to get a reward, ensure to make a comprehensive market research and opportunity assessment before making your content.

In Content Creation

Content CreationThis is the stage when you should integrate the information you gathered from your comprehensive market research. Aside from focusing on the audience’s needs and likes, it is a must to create well-supported and data-rich content. Be sure to apply this when writing reference materials, infographics, resource guides, how-tos, and the like.

Take Advantage of Social Media and Your Online Network

It takes a lot of people to bring traffic to your site. But you can accomplish this with ease by taking advantage of your online network and social media. The latter serves as an efficient channel for content promotion and allows you to reach a wider audience. However, you can only achieve that if you create content that caters to users of each platform.

To conclude, great content is key in making that perfect link building strategy. The online community has changed and search engines’ today have become more focused on giving value to users. When you give something of value to your target audience, you earn their trust and make yourself an authority. That’s what great content can accomplish and how it can support your link building efforts.

How Much Money should Really Spend on Getting SEO Services?

Today, each and every business is required to invest money on SEOs (search engine optimizations). Online marketing is needed in order to survive in a world that’s web-driven.

The ultimate question is, “how much money will be spent on SEO?” This article will give all the necessary information plus additional tips that will be helpful in making crucial decisions for this matter. Understanding Payment Models for Professional SEO Services

Typically, SEO companies offer 4 main payment models for their services:
•Monthly retainer model

SEOA certain amount of fee will be paid by the client each month depending on the service agreement. This model is the most popular method because it is capable of providing highest investment returns. Arrangements included for a monthly fee are the following: link building, press releases, regular submission of analytics reports, improvements on on-site contents as well as keyword optimization and research.

•Fixed-priced contract model

All SEO companies offer contract services. Before engaging in monthly payment schemes, clients usually choose contract services first in order to determine what works best especially for a particular task that needs to be completed. An example of a contract service offered by SEO companies is the website auditing, which can help clients in determining the strengths as well as the weaknesses in their online presence. It’s also essential for studying competitive analysis and potential keywords can give the highest investment returns.

•Project-based model

It’s pretty much similar with contract service. The only difference is that, project-based services are customized specifically for certain clients. Prices may vary depending on the specifics of the project. As an example, an online-based cupcake shop needs SEO services for their online marketing strategies and in establishing their accounts on social media. After this, the SEO agency that offers the service will talk to the cupcake shop for the agreement, which includes the scope, duration and the project cost.

•Per Hour Consultation

This model is familiar for businesses that pay an hourly rate for a particular service.
There are instances when clients may use two or more payment models. They may opt to choose monthly retainer first, then purchase a fixed-priced contract model and engage themselves in special projects afterwards. This is a perfect example of going into 3 different payment models within that SEO agency.

What are the typical costs of these models?

SEO1.Monthly retainer models usually range from $750 to $5,000 a month for SEO services. Of course, the amount to pay will depend on the business size and extent of services that the agency provides. Most businesses pay $2,500 to $5,000 a month for this payment model.

2.Prices of fixed-priced contract services may vary. This is because some businesses only use this model to test the waters and determine the best SEO service provider. Examples of the usual contract services offered are: SEO copywriting (priced at $0.15 to $0.50 per word), website content and link profile auditing (both are ranging from $500to $7,500), and setting up social media accounts (costs around $500 to $3,000).

3.Prices also vary for project-based models. Rates usually fall between $1,000 and $30,000.

4.For hourly consultation, charges usually range from $100 to $300 per hour.

The issue of pricing and agreements between the clients and SEO agencies will not be complete without the presence of some warnings. They should be wary about suspicious SEO service providers because these agencies do not offer professional SEO services. Here are some of the promises that you should be cautious about:


There are no absolute guarantees because of SEO industry’s ever changing nature.

2.Instant results.

It may be possible but could definitely hurt businesses in the process. Why? It’s because these tactics usually involve search engine optimization practices that go against the webmaster guidelines that could result to loss of rankings.

3.Prices that are below $750 a month.

This could mean affordability but that doesn’t mean it also provides good quality. In SEO, it’s important to always get high-quality service levels so don’t get fooled with “unbelievable” deals that go beyond the normal affordable price range.

Avoid Throwing In The Towel On Your SEO Reseller Program Options – Learning To Sell


There are a lot of different ways that you can turn a profit online. Many online workers know this to be absolutely true and it’s something that is definitely worth exploring on a lot of different levels. Among the opportunities that you’re going to find online, there is the opportunity to gain the upper hand through a SEO reseller program. This option is definitely one of the premier solutions because it gives you an unlimited amount of financial points. Unlike other options, in this world, you have some leeway in terms of setting the price for clients of different types.


For those that aren’t familiar with this type of work, it’s important to take time to differentiate this from other options. The other major solution is affiliate marketing. Affiliates have a good deal of work ahead of them. However, they can still pull in a lot of money. Every major company today has some sort of SEO affiliate program running and you may want to look at this. Understanding how this works, and how you can make money with this, will highlight what resellers do in contrast.

The Affiliate World
Affiliate marketing is something that you use marketing to cajole people into purchasing. This world gives you a link that is traceable. The link is something that you put in front of other people and when they click through, you end up possibly making money. To make this simpler, you literally give someone a link to use and purchase items. If that person does in fact click the link and goes forward and purchase from the end site that they are going towards, you will end up making money. This only happens if the end user buys something. It doesn’t work if they don’t buy and that’s the frustrating part about affiliates. Not only that, you lose a lot of collateral as you try to gain a leg up with your traffic. People have a choice of walking away without your influence, and that makes this very difficult to manage.

To Contrast (resellers)
The contrast here is in regards to joining a SEO reseller program. This is different in that you will end up having to turn into a middleman, or salesman in regards to this arena. You will be selling the services from one company to the end user and they will be speaking to you for all the work. Instead of having to set up a business from the ground up, you could reseller services from an existing brand and make profit based on the mark up that you get. This is sales in the traditional sense, and you will find that it is similar to what retail stores are doing. This is not the same as affiliate marketing. This is where you will not have to cajole others to click a traceable link. Instead, you will be selling things moving forward, at a slightly higher price.

Throwing In The Towel
Many people throw in the towel before they could get any sort of profit moving forward. It’s easy to quit here because it’s not just cut and paste. Some people join this world and assume that they are going to make a killing overnight. There’s no way to sign up for one of these programs and make money without work. There is work involved, and there’s a learning curve. There aren’t any programs today that allow you to gain market share without jumping into things on a deeper level.

Yes, there are some people that will tell you this is all a simple thing. That’s not true, there’s no simple thing about this. Once you get things going, of course things can seem easy. Just think about your first day of college. Was the first day of college easy? Or better yet, the first day you were on a new job, as that most likely was difficult to progress through. If you don’t think about this in a learning capacity, you may want to give up too soon. It’s not a good thing.

Tinker With The Solutions Available
Right now the information to move forward with a reseller program of any type is all online. You just need to look at what is out there and you will find that there is a great deal of opportunity. Making money online will not be the end of your quest to financial security. However, it will start with reselling if you tinker with things a bit here. You have to tinker with the information protocol that you need to work forward through reselling.

If you’re not sure what to do after signing up, look for online tips and tricks that will outline the different things that you need to do. You’ll find that this is not as complicated after some time, but your first steps may be met with a bit of resistance. Once you have setup a site, brand, or even a blog, you will start to generate interest in what you’re doing, and that’s something worth noting. If you want to make it in this world, you have to put in some serious effort. No matter what SEO reseller program you want to join, make sure that you take your time learning and tinkering through the elements.